Thursday, October 28, 2010

Punjabi Poet Surjit Patar Pencil Drawing

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have Fun with Punjabi – Kiran Lyall

Have Fun With Panjabi is the first in the series of language books introducing mother tongue to children. When author Kiran Lyall recently had her own child, she looked for a book she could use to introduce her baby to Panjabi. She noticed there are plenty of books/dvds targeting older children but a lack for the younger ones. Kiran used her skills and experience to produce a brightly illustrated and suitable robust book for young children that introduces them to some key Panjabi words.

Book : Have Fun With Panjabi
Author : Kiran Lyall

Published by : Buzzword UK
Priced at £6.99

Book one contains chapters on the following:
- Counting
- Colours
- Fruits
- Vegetables
- Drinks
- Days of the Week
There is also a chapter highlighting what the child has learnt enabling them to make short sentences.
The Panjabi words have been represented in a Roman alphabet transliteration. Kiran has extensively tested her transliterations to ensure as close a match as possible between the Panjabi words and their representation for English speakers.
Dr. Raymonde Sneddon from the University of East London says “This bright and colorful book will be welcomed by the many families in the Panjabi community who have not had the opportunity to learn the Gurmukhi script, but are keen to transmit the language to their younger children. It will also be helpful in schools to teachers who are introducing children to different languages. I would have loved a book when I was a teacher myself. ”
Have Fun With Panjabi is out now and available through all major stores.
Future titles include Have Fun With Hindi & Have Fun With Gujarati.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mickey Duhra Pencil Portrait

An extensive portrait of Punjabi Film Actress Mickey Duhra. Mickey worked in the Punjabi film Heer Ranjha. Here is one to wish her luck for her career. This portrait sufficed for tutorials for drawing human lips and eyes.

Portrait by Bobby Sandhu :

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bhrawan da Dhaba – Amritsar

Lao ji, ajj wari hai world famous Bhrawan Da Dhaba di !! Its located at Town Hall, on the way to Golden Temple. Established in 1912, the dhaba serves flavoursome and fragrant food at the humblest of prices. Everything served here is their speciality like Punjabi Thaali, Sarson da Saag-Makki di roti, Lassi, Rasmalai, Phirni, Gulab jamuns, Kheer Badam. Lets have a look at some of the delicacies served here. ENJOY !!

Front nite view of the Bhrawan da Dhaba at night.

 Lao ji, aa gaye crispy aalu de paranthe, dipped in desi Ghee

Famous Thaali – 2 lachhedar paranthe, Paaparr, Maah di tarrke wali daal, Shahi Paneer, White Chaney (kabuli), Raita, Rica, Salad

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Naveh Milo – The Recycled Bags Designer

Everyone knows about global warming, but what are they doing about it? Maybe the big guns aren’t doing anything, what about us? What are we doing to fight this menace? Surely this is something everyone can contribute towards. The best thing would be if you get paid for it… not that someone pay you, but you can do something which you can sell. One such fellow is Naveh Milo who has been doing something on the same lines.

Naveh Milo is a young fellow who masters in the art of recycling waste and discarded material into fashionable bags for ladies. He takes anything from tire rubbers, cans, bottles, record players, wires, plastic bags, paper, magazines and what not and transforms them into works of art. Now, he went a step further and started a stall where he sells these bags and from the looks of it, he is pretty famous for his artworks. You can see some his vision in the pictures below, but his work is so diversified that it will take one complete article to summarize everything that is available for recycling. So, that we will do in next post.

Located at the northern part of Sumatra Island in Indonesia, Naveh’s organization is a unique place where good things come together. Using a combination of a unique environmental friendly product concept and a working force of uneducated village women, he has created income opportunities for a disadvantaged community.

They collect used materials available in and around the village, and recycle them into beautiful practical products for your everyday pleasure. Materials they use are bottle tops, cans, fashion magazines, rice sacks, dried leaves & flowers, motorcycle tyre, inner tubes and more.

Met him in Singapore while going thru Vivo City Mall. There was his stall full of amazing bags made of everything we consider waste. We bought 2 bags from him, even while we really didn’t need them, but hey, the guy is trying to save the planet, why not? I also had a chat with him, told him about PunjabiPortal and he obliged me with a Puppa shot. I promised him that I will write an article about him and here it is.

So if you are going to Singapore, do make a visit to Vivo City Mall and try finding his small make shift shop in Vivo City and get yourself a piece of planet Earth.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A R Rahman + Usher + Dido = New Project?

After his huge global musical success with Slumdog Millionaire, AR Rahman has been pursued by big Western pop stars for collaborations. Back in June Rahman announced at the UK Press conference during the Lebara ‘Jai Ho – AR Rahman Journey Home’ World Tour 2010 that he will be collaborating with US R&B starUsher and Brit-Pop sensation Dido on his next album. But now A R Rahman says that contrary to reports, he will not be collaborating with U&B star Usher and pop singer Dido for his next album, but for a different project.

“I will be collaborating with Usher and Dido but it is not for my next album, as everyone is saying. It is for some other project, the details of which I can’t reveal yet,” Rahman said from London. “I’m concentrating on my world tour right now, and my work on the collaboration will start after it is over,” added the composer, who is rehearsing for his European performances in London.
Rahman, who shone on the global arena with his work in Slumdog Millionaire that fetched him double Oscars, says he has put his Hollywood ventures on hold for the time being. American record label, Interscope Records, owned by Universal Music Group, that has artists like Black Eyed Peas, Dr Dre, Emninem, Lady Gaga, Limp Bizkit and U2, signed to the label, recently signed Rahman for an international music album. “The work is progressing really slowly,” he said. “I can’t confirm who’ll be working with me, as of now, but talks are on with several musicians for the same,” he added.

It’s not just Rahman who has a musical mind in his family; son Ameen is also showing signs of his father’s talent. The six-year-old sang a song in the Hollywood film, Couples Retreat. So will Rahman encourage his son to get into the industry? “Right now, we can’t say anything. He is too young. It all depends on the situation when he grows up,” said the ace composer.
Rahman has been dubbed the “Best selling composer on the planet” by The Telegraph, the “Mozart of Madras” by the Time Magazine and the Daily Telegraph says, “There is a special quality in those sinuous tunes, a kind of primal innocence that would melt even the sternest sceptic.”
The ‘Jai Ho – AR Rahman Journey Home’ World Tour 2010 will be pulling out all the stops to make sure it is a stage extravaganza. AR Rahman fans will be treated to the songs that have taken him to the very pinnacle of the music industry, including smash hits from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as well as legendary Indian Films such as ‘Lagaan’,‘ Jodha Akbar’ , Roja, ‘Ghajini’, Yuvraaj’, ‘Bombay’ and ‘Rangeela’.