Saturday, October 23, 2010

Naveh Milo – The Recycled Bags Designer

Everyone knows about global warming, but what are they doing about it? Maybe the big guns aren’t doing anything, what about us? What are we doing to fight this menace? Surely this is something everyone can contribute towards. The best thing would be if you get paid for it… not that someone pay you, but you can do something which you can sell. One such fellow is Naveh Milo who has been doing something on the same lines.

Naveh Milo is a young fellow who masters in the art of recycling waste and discarded material into fashionable bags for ladies. He takes anything from tire rubbers, cans, bottles, record players, wires, plastic bags, paper, magazines and what not and transforms them into works of art. Now, he went a step further and started a stall where he sells these bags and from the looks of it, he is pretty famous for his artworks. You can see some his vision in the pictures below, but his work is so diversified that it will take one complete article to summarize everything that is available for recycling. So, that we will do in next post.

Located at the northern part of Sumatra Island in Indonesia, Naveh’s organization is a unique place where good things come together. Using a combination of a unique environmental friendly product concept and a working force of uneducated village women, he has created income opportunities for a disadvantaged community.

They collect used materials available in and around the village, and recycle them into beautiful practical products for your everyday pleasure. Materials they use are bottle tops, cans, fashion magazines, rice sacks, dried leaves & flowers, motorcycle tyre, inner tubes and more.

Met him in Singapore while going thru Vivo City Mall. There was his stall full of amazing bags made of everything we consider waste. We bought 2 bags from him, even while we really didn’t need them, but hey, the guy is trying to save the planet, why not? I also had a chat with him, told him about PunjabiPortal and he obliged me with a Puppa shot. I promised him that I will write an article about him and here it is.

So if you are going to Singapore, do make a visit to Vivo City Mall and try finding his small make shift shop in Vivo City and get yourself a piece of planet Earth.


  1. I am a Punjabi myself & love the waste management concept.
    Keep updating me.

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